Who is entitled to participate?

Everyone is entitled to participate in this competition. Minors (at least 7 years and e.g. under 18 years of age) require permission from a parent or legal guardian prior to participation. Employees of Steinberg and affiliated companies are excluded from participation.

Are there any fees for participating in the photo contest?

Participation is free. Participants must, however, bear any fees for the Internet connection required for participation.

Can I submit retouched or edited photos?

Yes, reworking of contributions is allowed and retouched photos are allowed.

Can I submit several photos?

Yes, it is possible to submit several photos. However, the same participant cannot win multiple prizes at the final award. However, it is possible to win a weekly price and additionally a prize of the final award.

Are there restrictions on the file size of posts?

Only JPEG files or PNG files with a max. size of 6 MB per file are allowed. The sRGB color space is used for the evaluation. The accepted minimum image size is 500 x 375 pixels.

Can I submit a photo that I posted on a website?

Photos that a person has posted on their own site, blog or social network without commercial purposes are allowed for the competition.

How can I check if my photos have been accepted?

Under "My Profile", you can view your submitted photos. If the submitted photos are not displayed under "My Profile", the photos were removed by us due to violations of the conditions of participation.

I have submitted a photo, but it is not displayed.

Submitted photos are publicly displayed as soon as they are uploaded. Try uploading again. If the submitted photos are no longer displayed under the photos have been removed by us due to violations of the conditions of participation.

Can I delete a photo after submitting it and submit another photo?

Yes, contributions may be exchanged as desired during the participation period. This can be done via "My Profile". However, the rating is always related to the individual photo.

Can I change my profile?

User names and picture cannot be changed, since it is provided by the Facebook or Google account you’ve used to sign up.

Can I submit photos by e-mail?

No, we only accept submitted photos uploaded on this website. There are no exceptions. The UR Series Photo Contest Operations team will not answer any e-mails asking if the participation will be accepted after the deadline of participation.

I missed the deadline for entries. How can I still participate?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any participation after the deadline on June 18, 2017.12:00 am Central European Time (CET).

How do I know if I won?

Winners will receive an email notification to the registered e-mail address provided by Facebook or Google. In this email, the winner will be asked to complete the winning form and return it to Steinberg by the date indicated. If the winner does not agree with all conditions, he can be disqualified. The prizes will only be sent to the winner's address. Any customs fees related to the prize must be paid by the winner. Steinberg assumes no responsibility for any loss of the price during transportation.


Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
UR Series Photo Contest Operations Team
E-mail: urphotocontest@steinberg.net

Please allow us some days for the reply. Inquiries received shortly before the end of the participation period may not be answered in time before the deadline.

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